The new generation HiQ feeds are created according to special formula, based on the possibilities granted by technologic achievements, and riches from nature: 

HiQ feeds are supplemented with an exceptional ingredient – NanoAgent. It is a natural mineral processed to nanoparticles. Due to the light weight of nanoparticles, NanoAgent moves faster through a pet‘s body than various nutrients do. When in contact with NanoAgent they also start to move around faster which leads to better digestion and more efficient absorption of nutrients. 

Pure coconut oil 
HiQ feeds for adult pets are enriched with one of the most valuable products in the world – natural and beneficial, pure coconut oil. It may optimize pet‘s metabolic processes and improve the condition of digestive tract. Pure coconut oil also positively affects skin and coat and may help to protect against infections and diseases. Due to its ability to stimulate brain activity, this component is especially beneficial for pets of senior age.

Natural ingredients and antioxidants 
HiQ feeds contain a large quantity of natural components, such as dried cranberries, linseed, and dried calendula, green tea, yucca extract, and much more. Natural antioxidants – the extracts of rosemary and tocopherol, produced from vegetable oil, better known as Vitamin E – keep the feeds from perishing and oxidation.

High amount of animal protein
In HiQ feeds, we ensure a high amount of protein from the best sources: lamb, poultry, and salmon. 
Protein from salmon may help retain healthy skin, shiny and thick coat. Lamb protein may help to optimize the energy balance and ensure nutritional needs. Finally, protein from poultry are the easiest to digest and help to maintain proper muscle tone. In addition, protein from animal sources ensure and maintain the proper amount of amino acids, that are crucial for every dog's and cat's healthy and long life.

Corn & wheat free
Understanding the problems of dogs with extremely sensitive digestive system, we have created and included in HiQ line the corn and wheat free feeds. These may help dogs with sensitive skin and stomach avoid allergic reactions caused by wheat gluten and ensure perfect digestion for those which do not tolerate corn.