How to Feed a Dog that Tends to Gain Weight Easily?


How to Feed a Dog that Tends to Gain Weight Easily?

The rounded body and folds of soft skin in the back of the body are the first signs of obesity. Indigestion and decrease in pet's physical activity are also important facts, which indicate that there is a need to worry about the dog's health.

Obesity is a Serious Problem

Once the pet's weight exceeds the norm by more than 30%, obesity reaches a critical threshold. The waddling gait, abdomen, belly and fat pads in the area of thighs – all of them are signs of obesity. This happens when the number of calories consumed per day exceeds energy consumption and accumulates in the body as fat. Overweight pets are more likely to suffer from traumas, orthopaedic problems, heart diseases, diabetes, heat strokes, and possibly become less sensitive to anaesthesia.

The factors, such as congenital predisposition, hormonal imbalance, older age, lack of exercise, overeating and sterilisation or castration, may influence the weight gain.

Sterilisation and Castration

Due to sterilisation and castration, the hormonal imbalance slows down the metabolism of the pet and increases its appetite. If you give the pet as much food as it wants, it is likely that its weight will increase significantly in the near future. After sterilisation and castration, the interest of animals in the opposite sex is reduced. It stops looking for a mate and tends to be calmer and slower. The highest risk of obesity is during the first two years after the surgery. For this reason, it is very important to take care of the pet's nutrition and physical activity.

Special Food

The easiest way to maintain the dog's weight is by choosing the right food. HiQ Weight Control feed is specifically designed for adult dogs of all breeds, which have experienced the sterilisation/castration and are likely to be overweight. The main source of protein in this feed is poultry – lean and easily digested meat.

The product has been supplemented with a combination of L-carnitine and calcium that induce metabolism and help to turn fat into energy. This way your pet will feel viable and will likely move more, which eventually will induce the burning of excess calories.

If a dog tends to gain weight easily, it is very important that the feed contains a lot of fibre and is low in fat. Low-fat feed ensures low calorific value whereas the feed full of fibre ensures satiety. For this reason, the fat found in the HiQ Weight Control feed does not exceed 10%. This feed is full of fibre from the sugar beet pulp and pre-biotic, and a natural chicory extract, which helps to speed up intestinal peristalsis and induce better digestion.

The formula of the HiQ Weight Control feed is supplemented by a special element called NanoAgent. The pure, sedimentary mineral is crushed to nanoparticles, which can help to speed up digestion and absorb all the materials more efficiently, which the body of a pet requires.

The composition of the HiQ Weight Control feed has one of the most valuable products in the world – natural and beneficial pure coconut oil. It can help balance the metabolism of a pet and improve the condition of the digestive tract.

Physical Activity

Unfortunately, the activity, which burns the biggest number of calories, is still unknown. Veterinarians say that a dog should run and play for at least 2 hours a day. It is necessary to force castrated or sterilised animals to be more physically active because after the surgery their normal metabolism tends to slow down. Exercise and induced metabolism – it will ensure a healthy life for your pet!