Grain-free feed - an innovation in pet diets


Grain-free feed - an innovation in pet diets

Stores have separate shelves for products that have had certain ingredients removed. For example, products without sugar, gluten or lactose are becoming more popular. More and more people are starting grain-free diets. They do this to maintain their health and natural nutrition. Feeding dogs and cats with grain-free feed is also very popular. We will show you several reasons why it’s worth choosing this type of nutrition for your pet.

An easier digestive process

If your pet has a sensitive digestive system and experiences digestive disruptions, it’s worth trying grain-free feed. It is easier to digest and doesn’t burden the digestive tract, which makes it a great choice if you want to avoid digestive problems.

Lower chance of allergies

About 10% of all animal allergies are allergies to certain feed ingredients. Of this 10%, about a tenth of pets are allergic to grain (usually wheat). Feed without grain reduces the probability of allergies, which means that they don’t cause flaky skin, itching, reddening or fur loss. Moreover, grain-free feed can help improve your pet’s skin and fur condition.

More animal protein

In pet feed, potatoes usually replace grain, but as a rule, grain-free feed usually has a greater amount of animal-derived protein. That means that your pet gets more essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals - the nutrients they need to maintain over-all body health.

In addition, animal protein provides more energy, improves skin and coat condition, and results in small, firm stool.

Easier to control weight

When using feed that doesn’t contain grain, your pet will feel a sense of satiety sooner and will remain satisfied for longer. This lets you control and maintain an optimal weight of your pet more easily.

If you have difficulty resisting your pet as they beg for food from you and fear for their weight, grain-free feed is a great choice. It will give your pet a satisfied feeling for longer.

Functional additives to improve their health

In addition to its main advantages, grain-free feed is usually enriched with various functional additives: fiber and probiotics that improve digestive processes, natural antioxidants that strengthen the immune system, L-carnitine that contributes to weight control, and others.

These functional additives provide the feed with additional benefits for maintaining and improving your pet’s health.

Although grain-free feed has become popular enough to seem like a question of trendiness, they are actually very beneficial for pets’ bodies. When you choose grain-free feed, introduce it to your pet’s diet slowly. Start by mixing the grain-free feed with the old pet feed for a few days to avoid causing any digestive problems for your pet by suddenly changing your feed.

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