Exploring the benefits of coconut oil for pets


The superfood

Coconut oil is the latest, hottest, all-natural trend. You may already use it for cooking, moisturising your skin and hair or as a health supplement. But did you know that our four-legged companions can benefit from it as well? Coconut oil is derived from the mature flesh of a palm tree coconut. Scientists have identified at least 30 benefits of it and agree that coconut oil is one of the few food products that can be called a superfood. It is known to be a rich source of protein and a secret weapon against fungus, viruses, microbes and bacteria. But this is just the start of a long list of coconut oil’s greatest qualities.

What is it good for

External beauty is important for dogs and cats as well as for humans. The superfood can help to enhance coat condition in dogs and cats, speeding up the hair growth and giving it a silky softness and shine. In addition, due to its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, coconut oil may help to stimulate skin regeneration processes and reduce allergic skin reactions.What is more, when supplemented with this superfood, dry feeds are better digested and their nutrient absorption is improved. Coconut oil not only provides energy but also helps to reduce weight. It may help to heal digestion problems and reduce or eliminate bad breath as well. It even stimulates brain function, making it very valuable for senior dogs and cats.

The secret is out

The beneficial effects of coconut oil are visible only if the supplement is used regularly. However, ensuring the proper amount of it may be complicated, even risky. Therefore it is best that dry feeds include coconut oil in their composition.

Knowing the market, it seems like such feeds might not be easy to find. Well, let me tell you a little secret. There is one brand of the highest quality feeds with this superfood in its composition.