Debunking pet food myths


Even in the age of the internet, the majority of pet owners are still led by false myths, which can easily be dispelled by specialists. 

MYTH No. 1: Fresh meat over meat meal

The data is in – raw meat contains approximately 70% of water and only 15% of protein, meanwhile, meat meals contain approximately 5% of water and 70% of protein. The meals are made by drying and grinding meat in order to remove water and retain only concentrated meat protein, therefore, its amount in a pet feed is highly important. Since the meal is concentrated and the daily intake of necessary nutrients is retained in a small amount of pet feed, there is room for other irreplaceable functional ingredients.

MYTH No. 2: Poultry is an inferior ingredient

In highest-quality feeds, the essential energy source should be animal protein because dogs and cats absorb the necessary nutrients only from such protein. The best sources of it are lamb, salmon and poultry, however the latter one gets critisised a lot.

Actually, poultry provides irreplaceable amino acids and it serves as the construction material for muscle mass.Poultry is also the best protein source for puppies and kittens since it is easily digestible, and it is necessary for overweight pets because due to its light mass, poultry grants the required energy without stuffing pet’s organism with additional calories.

MYTH No. 3: Plant oils should be avoided 

Feeds containing linseed, borage, and coconut oil are actually recommended. The latter one is also called a “superfood” as it possesses over 30 benefits for pet’s. Coconut oil also contributes to maintaining healthyskin, shiny and thick coat, it moisturizes pet’s skin and stimulates wound healing. In addition, coconut oil improves the condition of immune and digestive system, and stimulates brain activity, which is highly useful for senior pets.

An ultimate mythbuster

At HiQ we are ready to break any myths that keep customers from providing the best daily nutrition to their beloved dogs and cats. We believe that the greatest products are born by combining deep scientific research with gifts of nature. That is why HiQ feeds contain high amount of animal protein from lamb, salmon or poultry meals and the globally valued “superfood” – virgin coconut oil.